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That Breaks The Mold!

Mold or mildew in your home can be caused by a number of things: water
leaks, excessive dampness, spores, etc.

Aside from the physical damages to your house, it can cause health risks, too, such as nasal stuffiness, eye or throat irritation or even sever allergic reactions.

Signs you might have severe mold problems in your home:

• Past flooding or leaks
• A lingering musty, moldy odor
• Persistent allergic symptoms (sneezing, running nose, etc.)
• Water stains or discoloration of walls or ceiling
• Condensation
• Neurological symptoms (memory loss, dizziness, etc.)

Kling Law has the expertise to help you navigate the insurance claim process and the compassion to help you understand what your options are and make the best decisions possible.

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Get Help Filing Your Insurance Claim

Mold grows in warm, dark, humid places and extends across ceilings, floors and walls. It can be quite damaging if it’s not taken care of immediately. However, most insurance policies have exclusions and exceptions to your coverage for any damages caused by mold, but our experts at Kling Law have years of expertise in mold damage policies to better help you with your claims.
Not only that, but our team of experts work closely with your insurance company and a team of inspection professionals to inspect your home for signs of mold or damage.

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Turn to Your Mildew Insurance Experts.

We’ve seen plenty of bad situations where an insurance companies only partially pays on a filed claim or even completely rejects a claim based on an exclusion hidden somewhere within the policy.
Kling Law’s team of experienced lawyers know mold and mildew damage insurance claim law and are prepared to assist you with your claim.


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